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Rimi Natsukawa Discography ( Japan Music )

Rimi Natsukawa - Discography

Rimi Natsukawa (夏川 りみ ) is a Japanese folk singer who performs Ryukyuan music. Her genre is sometimes referred to as Kayokyoku but it is stated on her website that it is Okinawan Folk. She blends traditional music elements with modern elements, which gives her a characteristic sound. Her album Single Collection Vol. 1, has been awarded the Nihon Record Grand Prize for excellence.

If you dont know Rimi Natsukawa yet, start with the Albums Teida Taiyou, Okinawa Kaze or the Singles Collection. Those 3 Albums will leave you wanting for more !

Update - new Album 2009 !

Download ( Rapidshare )
and Specialbonus :
The Duetsongs from the 2007/11 Gospellers Album Works :
満点の星の夜(黒沢薫 duet with 夏川りみ) Download


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Midori hat gesagt…

I have 2007: Uta Sagashi I'll try and upload it to a free host so I can share it with you.
Thanks for the compilation :D

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Hi tomamii!
今村 again!^^
Here is the link to another Natsukawa's album:
2007: Omi Kaze ( Umuikaji )

Can't find the "Ayakaji no ne"...But I still tryin'XD

Have a nice weekend!
今村 Fernando

tomamii hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot Fernando for the Umuikaji Link ! I really appreciate your hard work finding those albums !

Also thanks for posting the Uta sagashi Album - but the file is password locked