Sonntag, 28. September 2008

VOCABULEARN JAPANESE ( Level 1 - 3 Vocabular as Audio mp3 + Textbook pdf )

Levels 1+2+3 Complete Set
Audio mp3 Files ( all 12 CDs ! ) + all Ebooks / 473MB total / Rapidshare

Most students cant use his newly learn language because
they just know very little vocabulary. Thats very normal - every day life
would learn it. But if you dont have the change and time to live in Japan right now ?
There is a way ! Listen to this Audiofiles everyday - in the car, in the subway
just for 20min. before sleep etc you will get all needed vocabulary very soon !
Higly recommended !!

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Teach yourself INSTANT JAPANESE ( Ebook + Audio mp3 Files )

Teach yourself instant JAPANESE
Ebook pdf + mp3 Audiofiles ( 127MB ) / Rapidshare

For Starters of Japanese !

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Samstag, 20. September 2008

Kanji Learners Dictionary ( Ebook ) Kodansha

Kanji Learners Dictionary ( Ebook )
Ebook / pdf / Rapidshare 42MB

The best dictionarys for Japanese are coming from Kodansha, you should miss this one !

o 2,230 entry characters, including all the kanji in the Joyo and Jinmei Kanji lists
o 41,000 senses for 31,300 words and word elements show how each character contributes to the meanings of compounds
o 1,200 homophones with core meanings explain differences between closely related characters
o 386 variant forms used in prewar literature and in names
o 1,945 stroke order diagrams show you how to write each kanji stroke by stroke
o 7,200 character readings, including name readings
o Over 2,000 cross-references and five appendixes give instant access to a mass of useful reference data

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Tell me more JAPANESE ( WinXP / Vista ) Learning software

Tell me more JAPANESE
Learning Software WinXP/Vista
Registercode included / 390MB / CDROM ( Isofile )


Interactive Dialogues
Have a free-flowing conversation with your computer, and perfect your pronunciation with over 1,000 words and phrases found in the dialogues.
The dialogues are based on everyday conversation and are supplemented by over 300 photos that illustrate Japanese culture.
4,000-word Glossary
Enrich your vocabulary with a glossary of over 4,000 words.
Examine the 40 rules of grammar , presented in a simple and concise manner.
Animated demonstrations of the characters
Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Japanese characters with 46 exclusive animated demonstrations of Hiragana and Katakana.
Over 1,000 exercises
Complete your course with eight different written and oral activities, referring to grammar and vocabulary covered in the lessons.
Lesson Report
Maintain a thorough evaluation of your work on the 12 lessons, and replay all your dialogues with the computer in full.
Japanese language and culture: an introductory manual
As a complement to the software, an introductory manual is offered, helping you in your first steps with the Japanese language, and allowing you to discover Japan’s fascinating cultural heritage.

Beginner: to discover or revise the basics, and make yourself understood in basic everyday situations.
Advanced: for a complete learning, and to communicate fluently in any everyday situation.

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no password needed
download all 4 parts, unzip and burn the Iso file with Nero to CDRom

Japanese Foundation Course ( 8 Audio CDs + Ebook )

Japanese Foundation Course
Japanese Audio Course 8 CDs + Booklet
pdf Ebook / 8 Audio CDs mp3 / 400MB / Rapidshare

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Freitag, 19. September 2008

Japanese in Mangaland 1+2+3 ( Ebooks )

Japanese in Mangaland
Books 1,2 and 3 ( Ebook )

pdf / Ebook / Rapidshare

Download Book 1

Download Book 2

Download Book 3

enjoy !

Japanese for busy people 1 ( Book / Workbook / Audio )

Japanese for busy people 1
( incl. Workbook / Mainbook / Audio mp3 )
Ebook / pdf / mp3 Audio included / 44MB / Rapidshare

This Set includes everything you need, The main Book, the workbook
and the Audiofiles to all 30 Lessons as mp3 Files.

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All about Particles ( Ebook )

All about japanese Particles ( Ebook )
Ebook / 30MB / PDF / Rapidshare

The most difficult in learning japanese grammatic is how to use
the japanese particles ( wa, ga, e, ni, no ... ) This book tells you
how do do !

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13 Secrets for speaking fluent Japanese ( Ebook )

13 Secrets for speaking fluent Japanese ( Ebook )
48MB / PDF / Ebook / Rapidshare

Download :

Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

Euro Talk interactive - Talk now Japanese ( Win Software )

EuroTalk interactive
TALK NOW ! Learn Japanese

360MB, Iso File ( WinXP / Vista Software ) Registercode included

Download from Rapidshare
( unzip and burn the isofile with Nero to CDRom )

no password

Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

Japanese Folksongs ( Ebook )

Japanese Folksongs ( Ebook )
Ebook & mp3 / Rapidshare 26MB

A nice collection of traditional japanese Folksongs

Download from Rapidshare :

Freitag, 12. September 2008

Nihongo Dekimasu Episode 23 - WATCH IT NOW ONLINE !

Or Download the Episode here : ( Rapidshare )
Nihongo Dekimasu Episode23

Minna no Nihongo 2 SET ( Ebook + 6 Audio CDs )

Minna no Nihongo 2 SET
Ebook + 6 Audio CDs / Rapidshare

Covering easy to difficult sentence patterns as well as simple situations to complicated, abstract ones, the books concentrate on the conversational ability of the learner. Minna no Nihongo is made up of two main texts, I and II, with 25 chapters in each book, making a total of 50 chapters. Each chapter comprises sentence patterns, example sentences, a dialogue and review questions. The sentence patterns are arranged in order of ease of comprehension, so that the learner can steadily build up his/her knowledge and ability, and the conversational settings have been selected taking into consideration the situations foreigners in Japan are likely to meet. Learners using the illustrated sheets and/or videos that are available for use with the books can easily understand how to speak Japanese in specific contexts, enabling them to advance their studies. Separately from the main text is the Translation and Grammatical Notes. In this book, which is available in many different languages, you will find a translation of the vocabulary, sentence patterns, example sentences, dialogues, and related vocabulary, as well as grammatical explanations and cultural information.

Shin Nihongo no Kiso 2 ( Ebook )

Shin Nihongo no Kiso 2
pdf Ebook ( Rapidshare )

Essential Workbook for beginners and advanced learners of Japanese !

Download from Rapidshare

Shin Nihongo no Kiso 1 ( Ebook )

Shin Nihongo no Kiso
pdf Ebook ( Rapidshare )

Essential Workbook for beginners and advanced learners of Japanese !

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Dienstag, 9. September 2008

Nyanko the Movie 2 J-MOVIE

Nyanko the movie 2
JAPAN 2007
AVI DivX Movie, DVD-RIP, Japanese with english subtitles and japanese Subtitles

Fuji TV's hit program Mezamashi Doyobi ("Wake Up Saturday") presents Nyanko the Movie 2. Like the previous entry in the series, this cute and fuzzy title places the feline center stage. The film is divided into three segments, with music provided by popular indie artist S.E.N.S. In addition to the lead kitten featured in the first film, viewers will get to see even more cats, an island full of them to be exact. On a fishing island where felines outnumber people, the cats live like gods, as dogs are forbidden entry and the residents lavish love on them. Little do the cats know, a storm is about to come sweeping in.

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Subtitles are included

Montag, 8. September 2008

Kana de Manga ( Ebook )

Kana de Manga ( Ebook )
pdf, Rapidshare

Kana de Manga, the latest entry in the popular Manga University lineup of books, uses original manga artwork to teach students how to read, write and pronounce the Japanese hiragana and katakana alphabets, also known as "kana." Author Glenn Kardy, editor of several of the English-language volumes in the world-renowned How to Draw Manga series, and artist Chihiro Hattori have teamed up to create this must-have book for manga enthusiasts who are interested in more than just pretty pictures.

Download the Ebook from Rapidshare

Japanese Picture Dictionary ( Ebook )

( ebook , pdf, Rapidshare )

The best way to learn a new language is to do it
naturally like children do - watch the pictures, and repeat
the new words as often as you can. This book helps everyone
to learn the first 1000 Words in Japanese ! Young and old !

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Cat Girl Kiki (2007) J-Movie

Cat Girl Kiki (2007)
Avi DivX Movie, 700MB
Japanese inkl. engl. Subtitles,

Yoshiro is a lonely introvert who is stuck in a rut. Every day is drab and boring until he finds an abondoned kitten and brings it home. The next morning, Yoshiro discovers that the kitten had transformed into a beautiful girl named Kiki! Too bad she has cat ears and scratches up the furniture. It seems like a match made in heaven, but whats the secret behind Kikis sudden appearance, and what does it mean for Yoshiros chance at a normal life?

Download from Rapidshare

( no password needed for unzipping )