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Arashi no yoru ni - A stormy night ( Anime )

Arashi no yoru ni - A stormy night
Anime Movie / Japanese with english subtitles / Rapidshare

“Stormy Night” is based on Yuichi Kimura’s extraordinary best-selling picture books, which has won loyal followers from kindergarteners to grandparents. Gisaburo Sugii, whose major credits include “Night on the Milky Way Railroad” and “Touch” directs this animated film.

Gav and Mei, a wolf and a goat, meet by chance, developing a friendship that transcends the natural enmity between predator and prey. Gav is tormented by his literally “wolfish” instincts and Mei only compounds his troubles. Mei’s flock and Gav’s pack hover in the background poised to tear the two apart.

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english subtitles included !

Instant Japanese FAST ! (Audiocourse)

Instant Japanese FAST ! (8 audio CDs)

English, Audio Files / Rapidshare

Designed to emulate everyday situations you may experience while in a foreign country, the New and Improved! Instant Immersion™ Japanese course fully prepares you for interaction among native Japanese speakers. Developed by university professors and linguistic experts this thorough curriculum moves you from a beginning speaking level to an intermediate level, fast- simply hear the words in Japanese, their English translation, and then repeat. Starting with a complete phonetic introduction to the alphabet (each sound is also demonstrated with a vocabulary term), this 8-part suite focuses on building a strong vocabulary base of commonly used terms. Each advancing part includes concepts from the previous lessons, ensuring you retain each core principle. As you progress, you’ll easily apply verbs and vocabulary terms to informal and formal dialogue. In addition, the cultural notes introduce you to ethnic foods, Japanese traditions, and appropriate etiquette that will benefit you while traveling. From greetings and questions to food and days of the week, the Instant Immersion™ Japanese suite is the quickest and easiest course available for confidently learning to speak Japanese.

Not a phrase book, not a translation guide, Instant Immersion™ Japanese is the speedy, sophisticated route to proper Japanese for all non-native speakers.

Part 1: Alphabet, sounds, pronunciation tips
Part 2: Greetings, introductions, jobs
Part 3: Numbers (1-100), telephone numbers, age, time/hours, days & months
Part 4: Shopping and asking questions numbers (100-90,000), colors, adjectives
Part 5: Family, addressing family members
Part 6: Verbs, forming sentences
Part 7: Finding and following directions, using the telephone
Part 8: Descriptive words relating to weather, sickness, events, and friends

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
Ebook / Rapidshare / dvju + dvju Reader included

A DICTIONARY OF BASIC JAPANESE GRAMMAR consists of five sections. The first section familiarizes the reader with the grammatical terms used throughout the text. The second provides an overview of the major grammar items. The third and main portion of the text is devoted to descriptions and explanations of the basic grammar items. The fourth and fifth sections, consisting of eight appendixes and three indexes, complete the text.

This book helps the reader obtain an in-depth understanding of basic grammar structures, which leads to more accurate usage. Overall, it constitutes a standard reference for Japanese and can be considered indispensable to the study of the language

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Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar
Ebook / Rapidshare / pdf

A DICTIONARY OF INTERMEDIATE JAPANESE GRAMMAR The long-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Japanese language book, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. In order to advance beyond beginning-level Japanese, students must develop facility in handling a variety of language issues both in written and in spoken Japanese, e.g., knowledge of complex sentence structures for reading authentic texts, mastery of confunctions and transitional phrases for coherent sentence production, familiarity with nuances among related expressions for conveying ideas accurately, and other information. The entries in this volume address just such concerns. Arranged in dictionary form, with an abundance of example sentences. A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar goes beyond the basics to provide students with information which is essential to the mastery of intermediate-level Japanese.

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Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar

Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar
Ebook / Rapidshare

The followup to the Basic Grammar book series - a real MUST HAVE Book that explains everything.
A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar, the third volume in the widely-acclaimed, bestselling Japanese grammar dictionary series, is designed to introduce students of Japanese to advanced-level Japanese grammar expressions and help them deepen their understanding of the critical and subtle differences in meaning and usage between the target expressions and other synonymous expressions. Following the same format as the previously published volumes, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, the book offers approximately 230 Japanese grammar items that are believed to be highly important for students striving to master advanced-level Japanese and also for instructors who teach Japanese at that level. This book is especially useful when reading advanced-level materials such as newspapers, professional journals, technical/business/legal documents, academic papers, and literature.

Kanji Memonics ( Ebook )

Kanji Memonics ( Ebook )
Ebook / Rapidshare

A little help to remember japanese Kanjis with pictures

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Osusume ! Classic Music

Highly recommended :
Blog for Classic Music

Trink und Liebeslieder der Renaissance
M. A. Charpentier - Te Deum
Franz Schubert - Quintett c-dur D 956
Anton Bruckner - Symphonie Nr. 9
Unterhaltsame Alte Musik aus 8 Jahrhunderten
Anton Bruckner - Messe e-moll+Motetten
Anton Bruckner - Orgelwerke

Rare Import Videogames from Japan !

Japanese for Everyone ( Gakken ) Ebook + Audio

Japanese for Everyone ( Gakken )
Ebook + Audiofiles / Rapidshare

This has been one of my favorite textbooks. It is very comprehensive. The material can carry a very beginner to intermediate stage. I don't say that for most textbooks, but this book has a lot of meat. One of my favorite aspects about this book is it has a running vocabulary at the bottom of many pages so if you are stumped by a new word, the definition will be either on that page or a page or two before.
While lots of languageschools are using Minna no Nihongo and other books - there is are good reason, you need a teacher to understand Minna no & others fully. Japanese for Everyone is maybe the best selfstudy - book out there, it explains everything without needing extra Grammaticalnotes.

This textbook is a new, unique course designed for classroom use as well as self-study. Its objective is to lead beginning students up to a point where they are able to communicate effectively in practical, everyday encounters. The course presents dialogues and expressions in Japanese, together with useful cultural information, enabling students to use the language as a native speaker would in a variety of real-life situations.

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Japanese_for_Everyone Ebook

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