Montag, 1. Juni 2009

Instant Japanese FAST ! (Audiocourse)

Instant Japanese FAST ! (8 audio CDs)

English, Audio Files / Rapidshare

Designed to emulate everyday situations you may experience while in a foreign country, the New and Improved! Instant Immersion™ Japanese course fully prepares you for interaction among native Japanese speakers. Developed by university professors and linguistic experts this thorough curriculum moves you from a beginning speaking level to an intermediate level, fast- simply hear the words in Japanese, their English translation, and then repeat. Starting with a complete phonetic introduction to the alphabet (each sound is also demonstrated with a vocabulary term), this 8-part suite focuses on building a strong vocabulary base of commonly used terms. Each advancing part includes concepts from the previous lessons, ensuring you retain each core principle. As you progress, you’ll easily apply verbs and vocabulary terms to informal and formal dialogue. In addition, the cultural notes introduce you to ethnic foods, Japanese traditions, and appropriate etiquette that will benefit you while traveling. From greetings and questions to food and days of the week, the Instant Immersion™ Japanese suite is the quickest and easiest course available for confidently learning to speak Japanese.

Not a phrase book, not a translation guide, Instant Immersion™ Japanese is the speedy, sophisticated route to proper Japanese for all non-native speakers.

Part 1: Alphabet, sounds, pronunciation tips
Part 2: Greetings, introductions, jobs
Part 3: Numbers (1-100), telephone numbers, age, time/hours, days & months
Part 4: Shopping and asking questions numbers (100-90,000), colors, adjectives
Part 5: Family, addressing family members
Part 6: Verbs, forming sentences
Part 7: Finding and following directions, using the telephone
Part 8: Descriptive words relating to weather, sickness, events, and friends

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