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Food Safari - Japanese Kitchen & delicous Food ( Movie )

Food Safari - Japanese Kitchen & delicous Food ( Movie )
25min / 250mb / DivX Avi DVDRip / Movie- english language spoken

SBS Series each 25min episodes is a detailed journey into one cuisine with tips on how to source, prepare and cook with authentic results. Maeve meets an array of world class chefs and inspiring home cooks as they take us through their cuisines while making some mouth-watering dishes. This Episodes covers the cuisines of Japan !

This episode features Misou Soup with tofu, Norimaki, Saikyo Yaki, Tuna salada and more

Translator Japanese - English FUJITSU ATLAS v14

Translator Japanese - English FUJITSU ATLAS V14
400MB / ISO File ( burn the iso with Nero to CD & use ) / Rapidshare

Very powerful Software for Windows to Translate text from or to Japanese/English
can be used as Translator in Microsoft Office / Email or even for translating Websites while

Requires :
Windows Vista: 512 MB RAM minimum
(A minimum of 1 GB RAM is required to use Translation Memory.)
Windows XP and Windows 2000: 256 MB RAM minimum

Translation quality relies on the strength of the dictionaries and the translation engine. In ATLAS V13, we have enhanced the translation quality by making substantial improvements in the Standard Dictionary, in the Technical Dictionaries, and in the grammar for the translation engine. Improved translation quality

Features :
* 200 thousand new words have been added to the Standard Dictionary to increase the total to 2,860,000 words (1,430,000 for EJ and 1,430,000 for JE.)
* The main strength of the ATLAS series, the translation engine, has been further improved, and is now the "Titles" grammar has been added to configurable Translation Styles, which allows you to translate English into Japanese suitable for titles, not a sentence.
* The priorities of words that appear as translation candidates have been reviewed.
* 130,000 new words added for the Technical Dictionaries to increase the total to 5,570,000 words.
New Features and improved usability
* ATLAS supports Windows Vista in addition to Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
* Web Translation has become available to translate web pages on Internet Explorer 7 as well as Internet Explorer 6.
* For 2007 Microsoft Office system, Word/Excel/PowerPoint translations are available. ATLAS supports the ribbon interface function, increasing translation efficiency for Microsoft Office documents.
* ATLAS supports Acrobat 8 and Adobe Reader 8 in addition to previous versions for PDF file translation.
* Mail translation is available with newly added following mailers:
Windows Mail 6 - Outlook 2007 - Eudora 7J, 7J rev1.0, 7J rev2.0 - Lotus Notes R7.0.2, R7.0, R6.5-R6.5.4

Fujitsu Atlas Dictionary :

Kenkyushas New Dictionary :


History of the Japanese and Okinawa Ryukyuan languages EBOOK

History of the Japanese and Ryukyuan languages
Ebook / pdf / 18MB / Rapidshare

A reconstruction of the Japonic languages, that is, Japanese and Ryukyuan languages. Applying the comparative method, the reconstruction of Proto Japonic accent is based on modern dialects of Japanese and Ryukyuan and also on the dialect of the Ruiju Myogi-sho

Japan Through the Looking Glass EBOOK

Japan Through the Looking Glass EBOOK
Ebook / pdf / 1,8 MB / Rapidshare

This entertaining book takes us on an exploration into Japanese society as Alan Macfarlane uncovers the multifaceted nature of a country and people who are even more extraordinary than they seem. Clear-sighted, persistent, affectionate, unsentimental, and honest-Macfarlane shows us Japan as it has never been seen before.
Alan Macfarlane is a professor of anthropology at Cambridge University. He has often visited and taught in Japan and is the author of The Glass Bathyscaphe and Letters to Lily

Download :