Sonntag, 28. September 2008

VOCABULEARN JAPANESE ( Level 1 - 3 Vocabular as Audio mp3 + Textbook pdf )

Levels 1+2+3 Complete Set
Audio mp3 Files ( all 12 CDs ! ) + all Ebooks / 473MB total / Rapidshare

Most students cant use his newly learn language because
they just know very little vocabulary. Thats very normal - every day life
would learn it. But if you dont have the change and time to live in Japan right now ?
There is a way ! Listen to this Audiofiles everyday - in the car, in the subway
just for 20min. before sleep etc you will get all needed vocabulary very soon !
Higly recommended !!

Download ( Rapidshare )


Filipe Rodrigues hat gesagt…

omedetou gozaimasu! I'm Brazilian , I've been studying japanese last two years, and your blog is the better that I found! You've made a excellent work! Congrat's!
Keep on with this dedication ^^
see ya

G2 hat gesagt…

Thank you for the files. it seems to be interesting. I jump back and forth among several different courses in order to avoid boredom.:)