Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009

20th Century Boys ( Japan Movie )

20th Century Boys
Japanese Movie with english subtitles / divX Avi / 1400mb / Rapidshare

In Yukihiko Tsutsumis 20th Century Boys (20-seiki Shonen, 2008), a boy named Kenji builds a secret base with his friends and they dream up all sorts of fantastic visions of the future with giant robots and diabolical villains. And, of course, their “Book of Prophecy” includes themselves as the heroes fighting to save the world. 28 years later, Kenji ( Toshiaki Karasawa ) is just your average store manager and has all but forgotten about his childhood fantasies. However, that all changes when an old classmate dies under mysterious circumstances and an entire family goes missing. Around this time, a strange religious cult, led by a man calling himself “Friend” emerges and events from the Book of Prophecy start unfolding exactly as Kenji had imagined.

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serdadoedapoer hat gesagt…

I allready read the comic book here, but not end yet, coz still progress I think.
It's cool, I love it.