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The masked Girl ( Japan Movie 2008 )

The Masked Girl / 女子高生は改造人間
Japanese Movie with english subtitles / Rapidshare

Directed by: Isao Kaneko
Year Released: 2008
Runtime: 45 Mins
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese with english subtitles

Yuki Shimizu
Shizuka Nakamura
Tsuyoshi Kida
Aiko Sato

Plot Summary: An ordinary high school girl Ai Hoshino(Yuki Shimizu) was carrying off by somebody on her way to home. Afterward, she awaked at hideout of Joker which Black Maria-the incarnation of evil is commanding. Fortunately she could escape by her teacher Aoyama’s (Tsuyoshi Kida) support. But she was operated for replicant. Escaping from joker’s hunter, she took counsel with her friend Yumi Katagiri (Shizuka Nakamura). However Yumi was also replicant, and Yumi was brainwashed and swore loyalty to Joker. Yumi mercilessly attacked Ai who was confused about Yumi’s change. And the new strongest enemy appeared. At final pinch, wearing powered suits that from Aoyama, she became masked girl and stood up to the enemies.

Download :
masked girl.part1
masked girl.part2
masked girl.part3
masked girl.part4

english subtitles included

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