Dienstag, 11. August 2009

Learn a new Language - Before you know it deluxe

Learn a new language
Before you know it Deluxe
Windows XP/ Vista Learning Software

Language Learning for Everyone!
For beginners to advanced learners, Before You Know It Multi-Language is the simple and effective way to master Italian with Perfect Recall guaranteed! Whether for business, travel, school or personal enjoyment, you’ll quickly learn to understand and speak 1,000 common Spanish, French, German, and Italian words and 250 essential phrases, in each language!


Easy, Fast, and Effective! With Before You Know It Multi-Language, you’ll instantly feel the difference. Advanced technology customizes the learning for you – in a way never before possible. Just decide what you need to know, and Before You Know It Multi Language handles the rest. Learning is fun because it happens at the perfect speed for you, with less time on what you pick up quickly and more time where you need it. Result – the fastest path to perfect learning! Fun Activities Perfect Your Learning They feel like games, but each activity targets the perfection of a vital language skill, such as pronunciation or listening comprehension. Customize & Share! Expand the power of Before You Know It Multi-Language by building your own flash card lists. Great for learning exactly what you need, from specialized vocabulary & phrases to weekly quiz material

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