Dienstag, 8. Januar 2008

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
The Japan Times| ISBN 4789004546| 636 Pages | english | 3 mb

After starting learning Japanese & got deeper into grammatics you definitly need this book. Its all inside - Explaining the grammatic : GA or WA ? NI or E or DE ? KARA ... ?
Its a must for every student & where handy & easy to understand.

Dictionary of Grammar : Megaupload

Download Dictionary of Particles : Megaupload


erochan hat gesagt…

your BLOG are THE BEST!!!!
thanks for so nice material....

I want to report that the dictionary dosen't exist in megaupload now.

The particle dictionary link it's ok

Sudaca1988 hat gesagt…

Do you have the Intermediate volume for this grammar dictionary?