Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

Japanese Graded Reader Level 1 ( 5 Ebooks + Audio )

Japanese Graded Reader Level 1
5 Ebooks + Audio files / 120MB

A pack of five mini-books each with a story perfect for the beginning student of Japanese to practice basic vocabulary and reading comprehension.

This series is based on four levels of Japanese proficiency. This set of books is for the Beginner Level - around a 350 Word Vocabulary; Each story has 400-1,500 characters

WITH a CD for listening while reading

Stories include:
1) basu- Bus
2) kimono Kimono
3) doushite ebi no karada wa magatta? doushite neko toshi ga nai? Why do Shrimp's Bodies Bend? Why isn't there a Year of the Cat?
4) shitakiri suzume The Cut-Tongue Sparrow
5) jon san no natsuyasumi John's Summer Vacation

This series of booklets are colorfully illustrated and include a CD of all the stories. All kanji have furigana and the stories use appropriate grammar and vocabulary for beginning level students.

Download :
japanesegradedreader level1

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