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World Religions - Japanese Shinto ( 3rd Edition ) Ebook

World Religions - Japanese Shinto ( 3rd Edition ) Ebook
Author: Paula R. Hartz
Chelsea House Publications 2009
145 Pages / PDF / 8MB

Developed in prehistoric times, Shinto is the true expression of what it means to be Japanese. Less a formal religious statement than a deeply ingrained way of life, the rituals, traditions, and values of Shinto have both shaped and been shaped by Japanese culture. "Shinto, Third Edition" examines the basic tenets of Shinto, its evolution in response to other religious influences, and how the original Shinto religion - rooted in an agrarian society - survives in this contemporary industrial world. With color photographs and illustrations, a glossary, and an index, this highly attractive reference introduces general readers,religious students, and anyone with an interest in religion to the intriguing Shinto faith. The coverage includes: the idea of kami; the varieties of Shinto; introduction of Buddhism; the importance of shrines; the effects of World War II; and, the growing appeal of Shinto throughout the world.

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World Religions - Shinto

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