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Japanese for Busy People I

Japanese for Busy People I

When Japanese for Busy People I was first published in 1984, many non-native learners, particularly frorn non-kanji cultures, considered Japanese one of the world's most difficult languages because of its seemingly inaccessible writing systern. Japanese for Busy People was designed especially for such learners-be they businessrnen frorn English-speaking countries or 2nd-language from other parts of the world - people wished to learn natural, spoken Japanese as effectively as possible in a limited amount of time. To this end, romanized Japanese was included in the Japanese for Busy People series so that learners both inside and outside Japan, as well as non-native instructors, could use the textbook to its fu11 extent without the need to read Japanese script. As a measure, however, kana and kanji were progressively introduced through volurnes I to III.

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