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Game Center GX - Retro Master ( Japan TV Show )

Game Center GX - Retro Game Master
( Japan TV Series )

Japanese with english subtitles / AVI Video / Rapidshare

Japan has given us a few television gems over the years... Game Center GX is comedic, dramatic, even a bit mental, but altogether it’s an unforgettable show about what sounds like a forgettable concept:
a guy trying to beat old Nintendo games.

Downloadlinks will be updated soon ( uploading now )

1: Taito (feat. Takeshi no Chousenjou)
Download Ep.1.part1 and part2
2: Koei (feat. Angelique Trois) Download Ep.2
3: Capcom (feat. Steel Battalion) Download Ep.3
4: Sakura Taisen (feat. Roommania) Download Ep.4
5: Momotaru Densetsu (feat. Star Force)
Download Ep.5
6: Derby Stallion (feat. Astro Robo SASA) Download Ep.6
7: Namco (feat. Galaga) Download Ep.7
8: Chun Soft (feat. Door Door) Download Ep.8
9: Konami (feat.Gradius Yie-Ar Kung Fu Track & Field) Download Ep.9.part1 and part2
10: Nintendo (feat. Super Mario Bros. 2 ) Download Ep.10.part1 and part2

Specials :
SP: Super Mario Bros 2 Download.part1 and part2 and part3
SP: Ultraman
SP: Ultra Seven
SP: DS Commercial
SP: Northtrip 1-2
Download.part1 and part2
SP: Northtrip 3-4 Download.part1 and part2
SP: Northtrip 5-7 Download.part1 and part2
SP: Northtrip 8-9 Download.part1 and part2
SP: Convoy no Nazo Download.part1

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