Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

Japanese Ebooks ( Teaching Material ) unsorted

Still underconstruction, some Japanese Books, I will post them sorted with pictures later,
for those who know whats about, feel free, download them now :
Some of the bigger files ( more parts ) include the CDs & Audiofiles.


A Guide to write Kanji and Kana

Japanese Childrenstories

Communication with Japanese by

Communication with Japanese Total

Conversational Japanese

Japanese Fast

Handbook of Japanese Mythology

Instant Japanese

Intermediate Kanji Book Vol.1

Intermediate Technical Japanese

Introduction to Intermediate Japanese

Japan Global Studies Handbook

Kanji isnt that hard !

Kinki Japanese

Minna no Nihongo 2 Translations & Grammatical notes in english

More ! Making out in japanese


Judu hat gesagt…

thank you so much!! ^^

Natas999 hat gesagt…

So many good stuff. Thanks! :)

ann hat gesagt…

thanks a lot for this series

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Kodoku hat gesagt…

Thank you sooo much!!!
you really made my day!!!!

Dekkun hat gesagt…

Thanks for kinki japanese, it's going to be such an interesting read, (not what it sounds hahahaha)
Thanks for everything

onlyforme hat gesagt…

i take children's stories for my sister,, どうも ^_^