Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2008

TOKYO BOY ( aka Tokyo Shounen ) Japan Movie 2008

DivX / Avi Movie japanese with english subtitles / 700MB / Rapidshare

“Tokyo Shonen, is the story of Minato (Horikita Maki), a girl who lost both her parents at a young age and now lives together with her grandmother. She has a pen pal named Night (ナイト) whom she can tell really everything, but she knows nothing about him except that he is supposedly a boy her age.

Minato has a part-time job in a convenience store and there she falls in love with Siu (Ishida Takuya), a student who failed the entrance exam. Siu’s dream is to become a cameraman, but his father wants him to succeed as a doctor and therefore it is necessary for him to get into a good university.

They little by little start to get close to each other. Minato informs Night about this and writes him a farewell letter. However, the thing is that Night also fell in love with Minato, creating a complex love triangle, because this Night actually is her alter ego."

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