Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2007

Lets learn Japanese Basic II TV Course

TV Course Lets learn Japanese Basic 2
Yan San and the Japanese People Season II

Japanese / English | 00:25:00 | 640 x 480 | (29fps) | DivX |
Audio: MP3 - 128kbps | each 80-100 MB
Genre : Language learning

This TV Course for Japanese Language was aired in Japan in the late 1986. Some behavior, clothes or language may be look funny now in 2007- but its still the best TV Course out there. No Language course makes it so easy to understand & follow the lessions. Miniskits with japanese actors & speakers teaches you the real japanese out on the street. No School-japanese, reallife language will be show ! A must for beginners from Zero !


john hat gesagt…

Thanks mate ..

how many episodes are there in this series .. ?

tomsato hat gesagt…

26 Episodes ( Basic 1 ) + 26 Episodes ( Basic 2 )

ray hat gesagt…

many thanks for all these, look forward to some more!